The zeus blizzard scrypt miner

When i started with mining i decided to hit ebay up and found a zeus blizzard scrypt miner for not to much.

With only 50 watt power consumption and a speed of 1.4 mh/s this miner is ideal for the beginner, so i grabbed my old raspberry pi as controllerboard and set everything up:

When i started to mine litecoin i got 1,7 mh/s however it showed around 0,9-1 mh/s in my pool and every now and then it got a hardware error, i googled around and came to the conclusion that i did not set a clockrate .

this meant it was being overclocked and instead of a stable 1,3 mh/s i got 1,7 so i changed the clockrate and it has been running smooth ever since. With the clockrate changed it runs so efficient that the pool shows around 1,6-2 mh/s (the speed you see on pools is based on the shares you get).